DieFi Crypto Suite

The safest place to store all your crypto credentials & wallets.
Your keys – your crypto. Built-in automated crypto will.
Digital assets estate planning.

DieFi Features

FortKnoxster Servers
Store Wallet Info
Store all your crypto credentials in one safe place. Custodial, non-custodial wallets and trading account details. Military E2E-encrypted.
Crypto Beneficiaries
We make sure your family, friends, lawyer or anybody you wish, can access your digital assets, when you are not able to anymore.
Dead Man's Switch Timer
Only you control when your beneficiaries are contacted. Default is 12 months after your last log-in. You can edit all details as you wish.
ID Verification
Your beneficiaries will undergo strict real-time ID & face recognition scans incl. 100s of security checks. We use AI & machine learning to eliminate fraud.